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Why Fulldome? why immersive?

Nowadays, either in our pockets, in our living rooms, or even in our bedrooms, we have a special (almost obsessed) connection with digital interfaces who came to stay. But we do really perceive an HD or UHD screen in real life?. It isn't hard to confirm that our vision has more than a flat region framed by a square (as tv screens or smartphones), instead of that we really have a DOUBLE DOME perception.

We can easily check with our extended arms to both sides and a simple movement of our hands or fingers, that even with our eyes seeing to the front, we could perceive a shred of blurry evidence that movement. Each eye has a field of view of at least 180 degrees horizontally and almost 150 degrees vertically. These two images added, build a stereoscopic image that let us see depth, oddly enough similar to a kind of stereoscopic fulldome or a DOUBLE DOME: the closest format to our world perception.

Many of us have been in a planetarium dome, their curvature effect, and the big format video makes us feel that we are inside the image, this technology has also come closer to our homes with VR headsets or google cardboard with mobile apps.

This means new challenges for the content produced for these formats, not only from the narratives and stories but also the technical challenges that arise from the need to create content adaptable to this whole wave of new formats and devices that surround us, and that compete to offer valuable experiences that promise to bring them closer to reality.

The VR content, as well as AR (augmented reality) and stereoscopic Fulldome, came to stay; the common point between these formats has made more evident the challenges in visualization technologies development, and the immense universe of stories and topics that must live up to the word immersive.

J. Felipe Orozco

CEO - Immersive Film Producer

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